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B2B Buyers Start in Google

98% of B2B buyers search in Google. Results are divided between Organic and Sponsored Links (paid). Organic results get 75% of the clicks.

The Google Search Golden Triangle

This SEO research results page shows an eye tracking heat map that demonstrates where on the page people look and click on the page of search results.

What you see here is the phenomenon called the Google Search Golden Triangle - people focus on the top organic results that fall into a triangle at the top left corner of the screen.

You want to get as close to this Golden Triangle as possible - top organic results translates into more web traffic.

We have an impressive SEO success rate.

The examples below show the results of 18 different Google searches of relevant keywords. Let us analyze your site today. It's free

  • Key Words: Brand Management Agencies1
  • Key Words: California Marketing Agencies 2
  • Key Words: Financial Sales Training 3
  • Key Words: Fulfillment Centers 4
  • Key Words: Healthcare Marketing Agencies 5
  • Key Words: Healthcare PR Services 6
  • Key Words: Illinois Branding Agencies 7
  • Key Words: Internet Media Buyers 8
  • Key Words: List Management Companies 9
  • Key Words: Literature Fulfillment 10
  • Key Words: Mailing Houses 11
  • Key Words: Missouri Meeting Planners 12
  • Key Words: New Jersey Event Management Service 13
  • Key Words: Sales Management Services 14
  • Key Words: Sales Trainers 15
  • Key Words: Technology Marketing Consultants 16
  • Key Words: Technology Sales Training 17
  • Key Words: Texas Fulfillment 18