What Others Are Saying About SalesVantage.com
"SalesVantage.com has become an integral source of quality leads in our online channel. Not only has our traffic increased, but our brand image has been raised."
- Dan Kurani, President, Kurani Interactive
"While searching for a fulfillment house to handle our online sales, I came across the ASK SalesVantage referral service and realized that I wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel. I contacted ASK SalesVantage and within minutes I received calls from 4 fulfillment houses - by the end of the day I had four proposals in my hand."
- Nancy Levin, Marketing Director, cherylrichardson.com
"The SalesVantage Newsfeed has been the one resource I count on for a quick, concise overview of pertinent articles and events that help me stay on top of business."
- Larry Brophy, President, FindMoreBuyers List Brokerage
Just days after upgrading our clients Web site to a Directory Sponsorship on SalesVantage.com, the leads started arriving in greater numbers. Weve been especially impressed with the quality of the leads our conversion rate has consistently been between 3% to 5% per month. As an added bonus, the customer service we receive has been truly exceptional. We dont hesitate to recommend SalesVantage.com for some of our specialized Clients.
- Pauline Pageau, CEO SerachWerx, SEO Marketing Agency
After two months of having a featured listing on SalesVantage.com we had a sales contract for $30,000. SalesVantage enabled us to match up our outstanding resources to the needs of clients who can truly benefit.
- Andy Rudin, CEO, Outside Technologies, Inc.
I have been using SalesVantage.com to help my clients locate fulfillment centers across the country. This has been a great resource for me. All the contact information I need is in one place saving me time, energy and money. If you are searching for a fulfillment center SalesVantage.com is the 1st place to start.
- Michael Koch, President, MWK Associates, Inc. Fairfield, Iowa
From my 1st contact with SalesVantage.com, I found them to be very helpful in recommending ways to increase my business. I have found their services to be very cost competitive and have already gotten new business from our featured listing. The SalesVantage.com team is especially good at following through with their commitments. I would recommend their service to any business to increase their market share.
- Peggy Whithrow, Vice President , Tommy Nobis Mailing Services
I'm a subscriber to the SalesVantage.com weekly e-Mail News Feed & Updates. I enjoy them thoroughly and it always keeps me on track regarding sales and marketing techniques.
- John Nocella, SalesVantage.com e-Mail News Feed Subscriber
After just 5 months as a SalesVantage.com featured listing I have received over 700 visitors, this is the best Ad buy I have done on the Internet yet.
- Bob Boeberitz, Boeberitz Design Asheville, North Carolina
"Our Sponsorship on Sales Vantage.com has provided our sales force with the needed boost to help them promote our product. As a result of our presence on Sales Vantage we can attribute an increase of 20 % in our annual sales to your website. We consider Sales Vantage to be integral part of marketing plan and would not hesitate to recommend your Directory to anyone who wishes to increase their sales."
- Drew Gallaher, President, SalesForce 911
"I found your SalesVantage.com website this morning and found it very helpful. While researching area fulfillment/mailing centers listed on your site, I contacted several businesses. The listing of names, phone numbers and addresses was very helpful; I wish more businesses had a link to their website so I could review their information easier."
- Karen Higgins, Teleconference Manager, Hospice Foundation of America
Within a month of signing up for a Featured Listing in the SalesVantage Directory I started receiving solid leads from companies that really needed work to be done. My advertising investment of a featured Gold Listing has more than paid for itself within just 2 months. SalesVantage.com is a great way drive site traffic, generate sales leads and to network with other businesses.
- Mike Polhoke, Mail Manager, Excel Mailing South Holland, IL