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Search for business training seminars, management training seminars. Learn to improve your selling skills, customer service skills. Learn marketing strategy, performance management, advertising strategies, telemarketing skills, media relations & leadership skills. Search 150 business training seminars covering 15 topics.

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Welcome to The Directory of Seminars & Workshops for?Sales, Marketing & Advertising Executives. Choose from over 150 seminars covering 15 topics.

Advertising & Media
Ad sales, media strategy & research, media buying & planning

Business Operations
Business process, sales forecasting & project management

Call Center & Help Desk
Call center strategies & optimization

CRM solutions & selling technology training

Customer Service
Customer support & improvement

Etiquette & Business Protocol
Learn to be polished & social in business situations

Internet Marketing
Learn strategy, technique and technology...

Develop leadership & team building skills

Management & Strategy
Manage better & more effectively

Strategy, planning, techniques & more

Negotiate with confidence; learn new techniques

Public Relations
PR Strategy, Crisis communications...

Sales Skills /Account Management
Learn sales process, closing skills & more

Improve cold calling & Telephone skills

Time Management
Techniques & tips to manage your time