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Web Marketing
Using Effective Keywords for Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
By David A. Salinas, CEO, Digital Surgeons

This article focuses on how to use keywords correctly in marketing a successful website business.

In the first article of this keyword  series, choosing the correct keyword  phrases for promotion of a successful online enterprise was discussed in  detail.  In this second article, the focus  will be how to use these keywords correctly in marketing a successful website  business.

Keywords are used in more areas of a  website than is readily noticeable by most business owners.  Website content is probably the most obvious  place for the right keywords.  They are  also used within many strategic fields of the site.  These include title tags, meta data tags,  alternative tags, header fields, and anchor text for links.  Keywords can also be used very effectively in  search engine optimized press releases, articles, Blog entries, and pay per  click advertising campaigns.

Writing  SEO Friendly Website Content:

As in any form of marketing writing,  website copy needs to target the ideal customer first and be written in an  interesting, easy-to-read manner that encourages the visitor to stay with the  piece.  Keyword density is the ratio of a  specific phrase to the rest of the words on the page.  Using keywords correctly in site  content is a matter of balance for both the search engines and the website  visitor that can take some finesse to master. 

In most cases, website page content should  show a keyword density of 3-5%.  Anything  over this percentage can result in copy that is repetitive or lacks flow, and  could be considered

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