Vertical Focus - By the Numbers
by Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners
Of course, every company wants to look at the numbers that count the most, revenue and expenses.  Increasing revenue and decreasing costs are the results of an effective vertical strategy.
Thinking About Expanding Your Market?
by Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners
New markets are often exciting.  New markets offer an expansion of the business.  With the right planning, investments, and expectations, new markets can be positive for the business.
Circular Marketing
by Naseem Javed, President, ABC Namebank
We are being forced to re-design to a new level of micro-nization of business units, a wireless-izing of mass communication and a voip-izing of populace conversations in marketplaces, under a massive globalization with highly localized customization to fit the demands of consumers.
Making a List, Checking it Twice
by Norwin A. Merens, Managing Director, NM Marketing Communications
Savvy business owners and CEOs are now seeking the best return on investment from their marketing.
Twenty Questions for Business Growth
by Dan Goldberg
Throughout most businesses and industries the same questions seem to surface when it comes to successful growth.
Setting the ground rules for your sales call
by Dan Goldberg
Experience has taught us that if we're not prepared before going to an appointment, then we're probably wasting time.
Lessons In Customer Service
by Dan Goldberg
Within the not too distant past I had some interesting experiences that cut to the core of the dos and don'ts of customer service.
Keeping Business Light & Goal Oriented
by Dan Goldberg
Having fun and sharing laughter keeps moral up and stress levels down.
Keeping your clients and prospects in mind for the heck of it.
by Dan Goldberg
If you treat your business resources with the respect and caring that you would like, you'll find out how loyalty will build and how hard it will be for either of you to let go of your business relationship.
How To Hire Top Performers
by Dan Goldberg
So, how do you hire the right person, place them where they fit and evaluate them so your enterprise can prosper? It all starts at the benchmark.
Getting Things Done. Or how to be a self-starter
by Dan Goldberg
Focus, focus, focus, should be the businesspersons' mantra just like, "Location, location, location" the famous Albert M. Greenfield quote, is to Real Estate.
A New Year For Sales: Now's the time for a fresh start
by Dan Goldberg
Start the New Year with a resolution to listen in order to get the sales results you desire.
Hone Your Listening Skills To Boost Your Career
by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
Good listening is crucial to effective communication and career success.
Common Mistakes When Hosting a Business Meal
by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
No aspect of a professional presence is as highly visible as when you host a business dining event.
Business Protocols and Etiquette Abroad
by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
The world has changed dramatically and now it is no longer a nicety to have international etiquette training but a necessity to succeed.
The Best Kept Secret of The Selling World
by Jeff Thull, President & CEO, Prime Resource Group
The cost of the problem is the financial impact of staying the same, and the cost of the solution is part of the pain of changing.
Business Manners: an Important Ingredient to Success
by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
I keep hearing more and more from top executives that people skills are very important, in many cases even more important than technical skills.
Using Impression Management to Excel in Your Career
by Mercedes Alfaro, President, First Impression Management
Having well-rounded socializing skills are not an option, but a necessity of business life.
Engagement Explained
by Erwin Ephron
"Engagement" is more than a search for accountability. It is a cry for help
Time to Freshen Your Brand
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Branding is very important to your business and possibly the most important asset you can develop.
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