Deaths of a Salesman: The Extinctions and Resurrections of Willie
by Ken Wisnefski, President, VendorSeek.com
The entity of sales has tried on many shoes through the years, as it has tried to keep with the times.
Think of Your Brand as A Person
by Tom Brown, CEO, Power Decisions Group
When you, as a brand decision-maker, take this viewpoint, you will begin to think differently about your brand.  You will think more about nurturing it, rather than managing it.
Business Strategy Execution: 4 Reasons Why Your Company
by Scott Glatstein, President, Imperatives, LLC
There are many different value-creation strategies your company can follow to marketplace success.
Books on Book Marketing and Promotion Every Author Must Read
by Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications
I've read dozens and dozens of books on book marketing and usually have found a morsel or two of useful information in each one.
The Decision to Buy
by Jeff Thull, President & CEO, Prime Resource Group
So, how do you guide your customers through a high quality decision process that will help them understand the value of your solution and be willing to invest in it?
Launch 101: Messaging matters most
by Eric Nitschke, Launch International
Everything you need to know about differentiating yourself in the crowded marketplace
Sales Enablement Playbook for Technology Marketers
by Eric Nitschke, Launch International
Sales organizations are often compared to sports teams. And, with good reason. Competition is very real and tougher than ever, whether it
Value-Based Marketing: Hype or help in today
by Eric Nitschke, Launch International
Is value-based marketing actually different than its traditional marketing predecessor? We don
High-tech marketing in 2006: The year of sales enablement
by Eric Nitschke, Launch International
Marketing is investing heavily in building more personalized ways to touch customers. Yet many organizations under deliver quality tools for the most valuable customer touch-point: the sales person.
10 Criteria for a Robust Customer Centric Strategy
by Jonathan Narducci, Narducci Enterprises
The revolution is here! We can either join in or stand by and allow our competitors to gain the advantages of participation.
The Best Stuff vs. The Right Stuff: What Quality Has to Do with Getting Full Price, Rate, or Fee
by Bill Brooks, CEO, The Brooks Group
If you want to earn a serious income as a salesperson, you must understand not only what "quality" really is, but what it has to do with how much your prospects are willing to pay
How to Use Questions to Gain More Selling Power And Show Prospects What They Want Most
by Bill Brooks, CEO, The Brooks Group
Questions are your greatest selling tool. The better you become at asking questions, the easier it will become for you to sell.
Seven Tips to Get on a Panel at a Conference
by Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications
As a publicist I am often asked to get a client on the convention dais and as a result I
"On my honor, as a salesperson . . ." Why sales ethics matter
by Andrew Rudin, CEO, Outside Technologies, Inc.
Ethical lapses can irreparably undermine the best business plans, corporate reputations, and brand building.
Key to Effective Sales Interviews
by Jeff Hardesty, President, JDH Group, Inc.
Motivational Sales Speaker
Is Phone Sales Skill a Lost Art?
by Jeff Hardesty, President, JDH Group, Inc.
A little phone sales training  will go a long way. Here's a real example...
Who Watches the Watchers? Nielsen's new commercial minute ratings don't
by Erwin Ephron
Research makes for bad conversation. It
by Jeff Thull, President & CEO, Prime Resource Group
The goal is to let your questions help you establish exceptional credibility and become a problem solver for your customers.  This level of engagement guides customers through making quality business decisions
Medical Practice Marketing... All Doctors Need PR
by Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications
Doctors on the cutting edge in their area of specialty need public relations.  The message of safety, convenience, and success must be conveyed because medical consumers are much more reluctant to be among the first to accept a new medical technique
PyroMarketing - The Secret of Book Marketing Success
by Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications
PyroMarketing embraces an idea that really has been in use for some time
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