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Do You Have the eCommerce Savvy to Grow Your Sales?
by Norwin A. Merens, Managing Director, NM Marketing Communications
The Internet has significantly reshaped how business is conducted. Technology has changed information gathering and buying habits in both the consumer and business-to-business world.
At Your Service
by Jim Sterne, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara
Service companies need a touch of ingenuity to make the Web work for them.
How To Drive Top-of-Mind Awareness With Prospective Customers
by Gordon G. Andrew, Managing Partner, Highlander Consulting

For B2B businesses, making a prospect's "short list" of candidates is a critical step in the sales process. To get there, prospects must remember who you are when they're ready to buy.

If I get you on the cover of Forbes Magazine
by Gordon G. Andrew, Managing Partner, Highlander Consulting
Media placement is simply a means, not an end. This is a harsh reality for companies paying a hefty monthly fee just for a pile of press clippings