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Elements of a Successful Disruptive Strategy
by Andrew Rudin, CEO, Outside Technologies, Inc.
What relationship do product innovation, market demand and marketing strategy have with market disruption?
Focused Marketing Helps Companies Weather Economic Challenges
by Norwin A. Merens, Managing Director, NM Marketing Communications
The temptation during a tough economy to wait (and hope) something happens to turn things around is exactly the wrong way to approach marketing.
Market Research - The Key to Understanding Your Customers
by Jim Strand, Market Research, Griffioen Consulting Group
For a company to succeed in the market place, a core market research program should be implemented, covering each market and each product or service provided.
Eliminate Marketing Heartburn
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Why does marketing give many business owners heartburn time after time?
Services Marketing Is Different - The People Factor
by Dee Davey, Services Marketing, Griffioen Consulting Group
Although services marketing has been practiced by some enlightened professionals for decades, the concept of services marketing is still new to many marketing professionals.
Dare to be Different
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
In this world of constant marketing noise and more severe competition, being conservative with your marketing will get you no where.
Marketing Coach or Marketing Consultant, Which is Right for Your Business?
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Both consulting and coaching involve the use of a skilled, trained professional to assist you in achieving your goals, but each entity approaches your business from a different perspective.
Five tips for integrating marketing and sales
by M. H. "Mac" McIntosh, President, Mac McIntosh Incorporated
Integrate business-to-business marketing and sales by avoiding knee-jerk reactions and fostering cooperation.
Great Time to Spend Marketing Dollars!
by Bob Grant, President, Grant Marketing
Let's face it, everyone is getting a little nervous about the economy, and as a result many companies will begin cutting back on advertising and marketing --- big mistake!
Marketing Mistakes Gone Good
by Ken Wisnefski, President, VendorSeek.com
Have you been engaging in failed marketing campaigns? Do you wonder why things are not going as planned?
How to Get More Clients Through Networking
by Hannah Martine, Ad Alchemy
Networking is one of the most effective techniques for small companies or sole practitioners to attract new clients.
Connecting You with Your Customers: The Value of Relationship Marketing
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
The purpose of all businesses, regardless of what it offers, is to create and retain customers.
The 4 P
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
The marketing strategy section of your plan outlines your game plan to achieve your marketing objectives and should include information about the 4 P's of marketing
Target Your Marketing Efforts
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Pairing your offerings with the market you wish to serve surfaces opportunities that you may not have noticed before
The Value of Market Segmentation
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Market segmentation helps to easily classify your best customers and find more like them.
Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
by Bob Rentsch, Vista Consulting
Marketing organizations can keep
Does Your Marketing Lack Passion?
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Marketing plays a major role in determining whether your customer will buy your product or service by appealing to their wants and needs.
10 Strategic Marketing Mistakes
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Solid marketing efforts take a combination of planning, creativity, and patience.
Focus Your Marketing for Better Results
by Debra Murphy, Masterful Marketing
Keeping your name out in front of your market will both boost sales opportunities now, and have your name on the list when a prospect starts to evaluate options.
7 Deadly Sins of the B2B Marketing-to-Sales Lead Handoff
by Jeff Kostermans, CEO, LeadGenesys
It's truly amazing how many marketers are still trying to optimize the B2B lead handoff within the confines of traditional CRM applications
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