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Cold Calling Perfection: Are You Hearing This?
by Kendra Lee, President, KLA Group
So, how do you assess your cold call effectiveness? Record them.
Pre-Call Planning: Don't Forget the Advance
by Janet Spirer, Co-Founder and Principal, Sales Horizons
Pre-call planning is critical to sales success. Too often, sales people plan the call objectives and questions - but don't think about the advance
14 Steps to Successful Cold-Calling
by Mark Hunter, The Sales Hunter
The vast majority of salespeople do not enjoy cold-calling. Yet, at the same time, it is an activity that most need to do on a regular basis.
Cross-selling: A Management Perspective
by Linda Richardson, CEO, Richardson
Cross-selling helps customers feel more partnership with your organization and helps you gain a bigger share of your customers' business.
Overcoming Call Reluctance
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
The key is to realize when it happens and do something about it
How to Hire Great Business-to-Business Telemarketers
by M. H. "Mac" McIntosh, President, Mac McIntosh Incorporated
Relationship marketing is a conversation with prospects and clients. Use these tips to build a telemarketing team worth talking to.
7 Easy Ways to Get Referrals
by Mark Sanford, PhD
It is said that cold calling is necessary because you never have enough referral leads. This is true.
Dealing with Rejection in Cold Call Selling
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Perspectives and understandings that will help in dealing with rejection when cold call selling.
Pre Call Planning: The Key to Call Success, Every Time!
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
Pre-call planning has its origins in tactical military battle field planning. If the enemy makes a certain move, their opponent has a pre-determined counter movement
Overcoming Call Reluctance
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
My feeling is that it is OK to have call reluctance. It's not OK to do nothing about it.
Is Phone Sales Skill a Lost Art?
by Jeff Hardesty, President, JDH Group, Inc.
A little phone sales training  will go a long way. Here's a real example...
Barriers to Calling and How to Overcome Them
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Sometimes we can get stuck making cold calls and don't want to make anymore because making those calls gives us such an uncomfortable feeling in our gut.
Mindsets for Optimizing Calling Rates
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Recently, a subscriber to my Newsletters emailed me about a mindset that helps him to make cold calls. When I read it, I immediately identified with his message as a perspective I really like. Here it is: 
Benefits of Moving Beyond Call Avoidance
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Many cold callers are not calling enough to generate positive results. It isn't the quality that is the problem; it's the quantity.
Follow Up to Maximize Appointment Setting
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Most appointments come from prospects that had been contacted several times over the past weeks, months and years.
Dealing with Voice Mail
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Many Telesales professsionals see the glass half empty and view voice mail as a real source of frustration. I see it half full and voicemail as a valuable tool in phone work.
Voice Mail Recommendations from the Pros
by Mark Sanford, PhD
A few quick tips for leaving voice mail from Todd Natenberg, author of "I Just Got a Job in Sales! Now What?" 
Proven Techniques for Improving Voice Mail Response
by Mark Sanford, PhD
THE LAST WORDS THEY HEAR. Voice mail to be effective must be personal. Psychologists tell us that people remember better when their name is used with an action request.
Getting a Higher Voice Mail Response
by Mark Sanford, PhD
My job requires making many cold phone calls to high-level executives, sometimes with very little information on their company's operations. Do you have any phone tricks or voice mail advice that works?
Cold Calling Hell: Strategies for Dealing with Voicemail
by Mark Sanford, PhD
Leaving a voicemail message that gets some reply has always been the Holy Grail of telephone work. LeBon recommends identifying yourself and your company and then presenting a "grabber" up-front related to their business.