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Merchant Cash Advance
by Daniel Samoohi, Merchant Cash Finder
Merchant Cash Advance companies (often called factoring companies) pre-pay businesses for their credit card receipts.
Medical Billing
by Sean McSweeney, Cobalt Health
Medical billing is a hassle for many offices where administrative staff may not be properly trained to handle all the responsibilities that come with the task.
Collection Agencies are a Smart Choice
by Bob Stein, Saturn Systems
Once you have made the decision to outsource your collection efforts, you will begin to see drastic improvements in your cash flow.
Using Assessments to Build Your Sales Team's Strength
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
By capitalizing on your use of assessments, we'll move forward on how you can use them to strengthen your sales team beyond the hiring process.
5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Force Effectiveness Right Now
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
Not only will these action items improve your team's performance, but they will also help you identify even more opportunities for improvement.
Building Your Sales Metric Management System In 4 Easy Steps
by Lee Salz, President, Sales Architects
Designing your sales metric management system well-positions you to create an effective sales compensation plan.
The Secret Strategy for Meaningful Sales Meetings
by Dave Kahle, The Growth Coach®
Every sales meeting, and every item on every sales meeting agenda, ought to be designed to bring about some specific change in the salesperson's behavior.
The Best Questions to Land Your Next Top Performing Sales Rep
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
Armed with the answers to your questions and then comparing them to the experience and accomplishments cited on their resumes, you'll be well on your way to hiring your next top performer
How to Predict Behavior Like Abraham Lincoln Did
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
Abraham Lincoln had an uncanny ability to predict behavior.
Compressing New Sales Rep Onboarding Time
by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
The constant objective you strive to achieve with new sales reps is reducing ramp-up time to full productivity, thereby limiting the "sunk" costs.
The Power of Extemporaneous Speaking
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
It's a mistake to sound too slick, too smooth, too over-rehearsed; but it's a greater mistake to sound unprepared, inept, and unprofessional.
Sales Commitment and Shadow of the Leader
by Tony Cole, President & CEO, Anthony Cole Training Group
People will do what they see the leader do, not what the leader says.
The Secret Strategy for Meaningful Sales Meetings
by Dave Kahle, The Growth Coach®
Start at the end, with a description of the change in behavior that you want in the sales force, and work backwards from there.
How to Disagree With The Boss
by Gene Griessman, Ph.D.
Considerable skill is required to successfully say to someone in a power position, "I want to do it my way instead of your way."
Robotic Selling
by Lee Salz, President, Sales Architects
The sales process you are defining to grow your business may be the very thing that is keeping your sales team from selling.
Beware of Hiring Your Competitor's Sales People
by Lee Salz, President, Sales Architects
Hiring sales people from the competition always seems like a no-brainer, but there are many pitfalls with this hiring strategy.
How to Avoid Selecting the Wrong Sales Training Solution
by Michael Pedone, President & CEO, SalesBuzz.com
Remember, training is not something you do once and then never again.
How to Hire the Right Vice President of Sales
by Lee Salz, President, Sales Architects
Your Vice President of Sales is the key to your company growing revenue, but focusing your selection process on their salesmanship will lead to hiring the wrong candidate.
Coaching One Thing at a Time
by Linda Richardson, CEO, Richardson
Try the developmental approach of coaching on one or two things at a time, focusing each time on a priority and setting a specific action step to follow up on.
What Is Leadership?
by Lee Salz, President, Sales Architects
People are often told to "be a leader," but what does that mean? How do people know how to act as a leader when no one defines it for them?
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