Articles by Jim Kasper, President & CEO, Interactive Resource Group
Who Wins the Battle of The Apps?
Within sales organizations of all sizes, there are internal struggles going on between IT departments, sales management and senior management about which applications have priority and which do not.
Using Assessments to Build Your Sales Team's Strength
By capitalizing on your use of assessments, we'll move forward on how you can use them to strengthen your sales team beyond the hiring process.
5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Force Effectiveness Right Now
Not only will these action items improve your team's performance, but they will also help you identify even more opportunities for improvement.
5 Reasons "Cost of A Sales Call" Doesn't Measure Sales Efficiency
Every company seems to have a unique way of calculating its own cost of a sales call.
The Best Questions to Land Your Next Top Performing Sales Rep
Armed with the answers to your questions and then comparing them to the experience and accomplishments cited on their resumes, you'll be well on your way to hiring your next top performer
Compressing New Sales Rep Onboarding Time
The constant objective you strive to achieve with new sales reps is reducing ramp-up time to full productivity, thereby limiting the "sunk" costs.
Getting to "Yes!" with Winning Sales Presentations
More than magic, it's a process! And like all processes, in order to reach your sales goals successfully, there are "Do's" and "Don'ts"
Don't Overlook Sales Fundamentals!
As we face tougher market conditions, the pressure is on for us to close more business.
So True Then and Even More Now...
Companies still have a need for your product or service if they want to remain in business.
8 Ideas to Help You Sell Like a "Top 2 Percenter"
The top 2% of all salespeople automatically turn up their activity a couple more notches when things get tougher.
Tips to Make Your 2009 A Happy New (Sales) Year
Our economic climate has made our jobs as professional salespeople extremely challenging as we seek to retain our existing accounts and generate new ones.
Getting to the Light at the End of the Tunnel
As you know, those in the professional sales community are among the first to be the recipients of leading economic trends.
Succeeding in an Economic Downturn
Economists are predicting a tough calendar 2008 fourth quarter and a sluggish 2009, but our role in sales dictates that we need to attack rather than react.
What to Do When You Hear: "I Don't Have The Budget"
You're ready to close! Then you hear the dreaded, "I really like what I see, but I just don't have the budget."
Using Humor Effectively With Prospects and Customers
One of the most valuable "people" tools which you can successfully employ in your sales efforts is humor.
Effective Email For Salespeople
While face to face meetings and phone contact still reign in the sales world, it is the successful salesperson who exploits the time saving features and functionality of email to achieve their sales goals.
Overcoming Call Reluctance
The key is to realize when it happens and do something about it
Creating the Winning Proposal
As a professional salesperson, you expend a lot of energy creating favorable first impressions.
Why Do They Buy From Them, Anyway?
It's a fact that many of our current customers buy from the competition in addition to buying from us. It's annoying to know we're not getting all of a customer's business
Your Customer's Behavior: What Makes Them Buy?
Understanding how, why, what, and when our customers buy has been the life study of many academicians and professional marketing researchers

Jim Kasper is the Founder and President of Interactive Resource Group. Mr. Kasper has over 26 years of practical experience in direct sales, sales management, sales training, and marketing. Contact him at www.salestrainers.com or call 800-891-7355