Articles by Peter Callaghan, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Maximizer Software
What's the Real Secret to Sales Effectiveness? Customer Commitment.
The results are in: Businesses that invest in CRM practices and systems properly see a larger percentage of sales representatives attaining their sales quotas then those that do no invest in CRM. 
Before You Implement: Ready, Set, Stop and Think!
When implementing a CRM solution think the plan through or you may find yourself in for a few surprises that could sabotage your CRM plan.
Sharpen Your Competitive Advantage Using Techniques that Makes you a Forecasting Savant
When it comes to sales, who is really responsible for the accuracy of the forecast?

Peter Callaghan is responsible for managing Maximizer's ( www.maximizer.com ) direct sales, channel sales, and marketing activities in the U.S. He has more than 17 years of sales experience in the software industry and has held senior sales and marketing positions at Pivotal, Computer Associates, Cognos, and Sybase. Peter helped Pivotal company grow its revenues from US $1 million to US $100 million over sixteen quarters. Peter is on CRM magazine's list of "Who's Who in CRM," and he is frequently quoted in a variety of business publications, including CRM Guru, VARBusiness, and Sales & Marketing Management magazine.