Articles by Bob Rentsch, Vista Consulting
Direct Mail that Works
Over the last few years, the growth of on-line marketing campaigns - especially email marketing - have pushed more traditional off-line marketing efforts to the background.
Create Your Company's Identity
Using this as a framework for discussion provides interesting insight on what you want your brand to stand for.
What Does CAN-SPAM Mean to You?
Unlike stricter European Union laws and the now superseded California (and other state) laws, at its heart CAN-SPAM is an opt-out law
Up Next: Pay Per Call
You run an on-line ad which lists a metered phone number. Calls to this number are counted and re-directed to your phone. Advertisers pay only when the potential buyer picks up the phone and calls.
Good Enough Never Is... or Is It?
As your company's Internet marketing transitions from its initial experimental stages to a larger part of your marketing mix, you may find that you outgrow the wizards and templates.
Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Marketing organizations can keep
Creating Your Company's Identity
This article will explore the idea of branding in greater detail, and give you a framework to help think about what you want your brand to stand for.
Practical Market Research
Market Research can be done in a variety of ways.
Up Next: Pay Per Call
Internet marketers are now offering a new type of performance based advertising: Pay-per-call. Is it right for you?

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