Articles by Andrew Rudin, CEO, Outside Technologies, Inc.
Toward a Social Sales Force: Ominous Lessons from Rutgers
Corporations face insidious risks when they don't monitor the online behavior of employees
Strategies - Not Products - Create Lasting Market Disruption
Strategies enable market disruption, and those strategies include product innovation.
Elements of a Successful Disruptive Strategy
What relationship do product innovation, market demand and marketing strategy have with market disruption?
What Are the Best Sales Questions?
In sales, how do we know if our prospective customers are answering the questions we think we
Marketing Disruptive Innovation
Customers are not interested in disruptive products per se; they're interested in the outcomes those products provide.
"On my honor, as a salesperson . . ." Why sales ethics matter
Ethical lapses can irreparably undermine the best business plans, corporate reputations, and brand building.
Executive Summary: How Effective Sales Discovery Lowers Risk and Improves Financial Performance
Why didn't we win our last sales opportunity?  After a sale is lost, executives look for causes by asking questions.
Just the Facts! - How Asking the Right Questions Will Yield the Right Answers
This article describes questions that you can embed in your sales processes to uncover the truth as quickly as possible.
The After Event Review: How to Use it for Competitive Advantage
Instead of "don't bring me excuses!" the edict becomes "bring me problems!"
Create Your Sales Strategy by Understanding Risk
Inevitably, every entrepreneur must grapple with the following question: How do I make money with my idea?
Best Practices for Sales Processes
Why should you think about Best Practices? A better question is
Collaborative Business Intelligence for Sales Execution: Value, Benefits, and Challenges
Collaborative Business Intelligence (CBI) can be utilized to support corporate strategy and create value for a commercial organization. 
Manage The Sales Process (Don
What is an effective sales process, and why is it important to pay attention to it?

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