Articles by Bill Brooks, CEO, The Brooks Group
Stop Traditional Based Selling & Focus on Consultative Selling Now
The secret is to keep a constant flow of fresh leads without losing track of any of your current prospects and customers.
Sales Managers: Take Control Of Your Time
The key to not getting caught up in doing a task simply for the sake of doing the task is to start with the end result you desire and work backward.
Selling To Purchasing Managers
Here are the five strategies to help you sell more effectively to purchasing managers
Selling To Entrepreneurs
Here are the five strategies to help you sell more effectively to entrepreneurial buyers
Does Your Sales Team Know What Professional Selling Is All About?
In short, asking the right questions and then being in a position to prescribe exactly the right set of solutions to solve them is what professional selling is all about.
The Truth About How to Have a Winning Sales Personality
Our research indicated that successful salespeople weren't necessarily the extroverted and persuasive "sales type." But they all did have one all important quality in common.
Selling to Corporate Executives
How well do you understand the challenges that your prospect faces? Do you present your product or service differently based on the unique perspective of your prospect?
Managing Your Most Valuable Asset...and You'll Be Surprised at What it Is!
Did you know that the chances of making a sale to an existing customer are seven times greater than the chances of making a sale to a new prospect?
"Do's" and "Don'ts" of Dislodging a Competitor
Dislodging your competitor is going to be a long-term, strategic process that requires persistence, patience, and more than a little creativity.
12 Things Your Buyers Want Other Than Lowest Price
Of course your prospects would like a low price (or rate or fee).  But nine times out of 10, they know that "low price" can often translate as "poor quality."
The Ten Dumbest Things Salespeople Do
The truth is, knowing what NOT to do in sales is just as powerful as knowing what TO do. Make sense?
The Best Stuff vs. The Right Stuff: What Quality Has to Do with Getting Full Price, Rate, or Fee
If you want to earn a serious income as a salesperson, you must understand not only what "quality" really is, but what it has to do with how much your prospects are willing to pay
How to Use Questions to Gain More Selling Power And Show Prospects What They Want Most
Questions are your greatest selling tool. The better you become at asking questions, the easier it will become for you to sell.
Selling Face-To-Face and Via The Telephone... What Different Skills Are Required?
Whether you are calling to gain appointments or actually make the sale
I Was Confusing My Prospects
Keep it simple. Don
How Much Real Value Do You Bring To Your Customers?
In today's competitive marketplace it is essential that salespeople position themselves as the central reason why your customer buys.
How Good Is Your Guarantee... And How Well Do You Back It Up?
At what point in time do you ever hedge on the real spirit and intent of your product or service
Handling Rejection
As a sales professional your income is in direct proportion to the quality and the breadth of your prospect file.
Do You Have Enough Support In Your Key Accounts?
Are your prospects or existing customers strong allies, adversaries or enemies?
Closing The Sale
For you as a salesperson, everything you have done up to the point when you are involved in a face-to-face relationship is wasted motion unless you ask for the order.