Articles by Dave Stein, CEO, ES Research Group
Sales and Marketing Alignment: An Oxymoron?
Sales and marketing alignment is more than a good thing.  It's absolutely requied for competitive advantage.
The Front of the Funnel
Great sales execution will not do a thing for your top line if you don't have a continuous flow of qualified leads.
If I Have to Sit Through One More Sales Training Class...
You have the right to be educated, trained, motivated, and prepared to leave the training session with improved selling capabilities, no matter how much experience you have.
Sorry, We're Out of Silver Bullets For Sales
I've been in sales for a generation and I've seen a lot. That's a long time; but my mind is always open to new ideas. One thing I'm well aware of is that we're fresh out of new silver bullets.
Your Sales Methodology: Retain It, Repair It, or Replace It
Just the phrase "sales methodology" scares many sales reps-sometimes for good reason...
Sales Representatives: Please Be Courteous!
In many industries there is a gap between the level of trust customers need from those of us who sell to them and what they perceive they are receiving.
The Fear and Loathing of Sales Training
Not enough companies have learned how to employ sales training as a strategic tool.  Those that have are leaders in their industries.
10 Proven Tips to Land the Sales Job You Really Want
Good News & Bad News for the Sales Professional.
How Winners Manage Their Pipelines
Too many salespeople think that pipeline management is a bureaucratic burden placed upon them just to keep their bosses happy.
How Winners Trap Their Competition
Sales executives must be able to protect their value proposition from their competition or else they are risking  more then they might realize.
How Winners Leverage Sales Resources
It is critically important to build an effective sales operations infrastructure within companies.
The Sales Rep / Sales Manager Relationship
Building a solid, mutually beneficial and respectful relationship between a sales rep and his or her manager is one of the more challenging aspects in the business world.
How to Close Business by The End of of Quarter
The end of the quarter and calendar year are only weeks away. What is your plan for closing business the business you've forecasted?
Brand Yourself and Win More Business™
A number of the very successful sales reps that I coach have a strategy for winning that is worth considering. They do what entertainers, sports figures, and politicians do-they brand themselves.
Focus on Corporate Governance Requires a New Selling Approach
Today, more than ever before, if you are selling products or services that are critical to your prospect
How to Outsell a Competitor Who Slashes Their Price to Win
A number of my subscribers and clients have come back to me with a question: I'm the Goliath. How do I compete against the smaller, more agile David out there who drastically discounts to win business?
Key skills to political selling
Most people who have been selling for even a short period of time understand that some level of corporate politics is present in every organization into which they sell.
Strategies for Surviving the Economic Downturn
A number of the very successful sales reps that I coach have a strategy for winning that is worth considering. They do what entertainers, sports figures, and politicians do-they brand themselves.
Transform Yourself from a Salesperson into a Businessperson
If I told you that one of the most important characteristics of sales excellence in today's hypercompetitive business environment was not to be a salesperson, would you think you subscribed to the wrong magazine?
17 Ways To "Retool" For Successful 21st Century Selling

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