Articles by Norwin A. Merens, Managing Director, NM Marketing Communications
Tips for Building a Strong Agency Relationship
Whatever the reason, companies are often challenged to find a good fit with an agency partner.
Holiday Messages Make a Significant Impact
Whatever approach you take, the holidays are a great time to make an impression on your customers.
Brand Destruction is Simple as 1, 2, 3
It seems like everywhere you turn, marketing and communications media are talking about the importance of branding for companies and individuals.
Marketing to the Multi-Generational Workforce
The challenge of deciphering the needs and nuances of today's age-diverse workplace might appear overwhelming, but organizations adapt to these changes will reap significant benefits.
Does Your Brand Really Matter?
The good news is that you don't have to be a major company to create your own particular brand attributes.
Business E-Mail - No Place for Bullying
What makes certain supposedly professional business people turn into contemptuous, mean-spirited bullies when they get on their e-mail account?
Great Expectations - For Cubs and B2B Marketers
Marketers need to better understand the impact marketing and technology integration can have in making customer experiences more gratifying and satisfying
Staying Adaptable Critical for Marketing Success
What will B2B marketing communications look like in the future?
Grading Your Marketing Efforts
Whether you are a marketing neophyte or a marketing guru, evaluating your efforts based on this quiz will help provide a roadmap for greater success.
Do You Have the eCommerce Savvy to Grow Your Sales?
The Internet has significantly reshaped how business is conducted. Technology has changed information gathering and buying habits in both the consumer and business-to-business world.
Lessons of Pumpkin Patch Marketing
Explaining the item's value down to its last seed is critical to garnering new customers.
Are You Focusing on a Winning Season?
Forging ahead certainly involves some risks, but with those risks can come great rewards.
A Perfect Lesson for Business
The lesson - both on the field and in the boardroom - is that good and bad breaks happen, and they tend to even out over time
Creating Value in the Eye of the Beholder
Lean towards a value proposition that defines as much of the capabilities - and results - that your product or service will provide with a high degree of specificity.
Is Branding Relevant in Today
As companies struggle to gain traction in a tough economy, they are continuing to re-evaluate all of their business methods to squeeze out a profit.
Personal Touch Means Business
Today's wired world has no doubt increased the amount of communication among people, but in many ways it has produced less meaningful interaction.
Print's Place in a Digital World
Capitalizing on these elements can make print an effective part of your marketing program now and for many years in the future.
Content is King in the New 'Post-Marketing' Era
Economic changes are forcing companies to rethink how they market to their customers.
Finding the Right Marketing Mix in Tough Times
Most b-to-b marketers are confronting tough choices on the most effective ways to use their budgets.
Focused Marketing Helps Companies Weather Economic Challenges
The temptation during a tough economy to wait (and hope) something happens to turn things around is exactly the wrong way to approach marketing.

Norwin A. Merens is managing director of Glenview, IL-based NM Marketing Communications, an integrated B2B marketing, public relations and trade show/ special events management firm. He may be reached by calling 847.657.6011 or at nmerens@nmmarketingbiz.com. Find out more at www.nmmarketingbiz.com