Articles by Dan Kurani, Founder, Kurani Multimedia
Search Engine Marketing Exposed
As much an art as it is a science "Search Engine Marketing" has frustrated even the most technically savvy marketers. This necessary component to the online marketing arena (including affiliate programs, email marketing, online placement, and sponsorships) requires that the astute marketer not only thoroughly understand business objectives but then accurately apply them to the two major components of Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Placement (PPP) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Dan Kurani is the founder and visionary for Kurani Multimedia. His intuitive business acumen, belief in the future of technology, and love for advertising are a perfect fit within the interactive marketing space. With over 10 years of entrepreneurial business experience, Dan has served in every imaginable marketing, advertising, sales, and technical roll necessary to grow his client's businesses.

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