Articles by Roy E. Chitwood, CSE, CSP, President, Max Sacks International
Selling Today - Some Things Never Change
Once you have determined your prospect list there are many ways to contact your prospects.
The Future Belongs to Salespeople
They control their own destiny through dedication to the profession of selling and to the customers they serve.
Personal Coaching for Business, Life
Personal coaches have become a staple in the business world over the last decade.
Let's Get Rid of Management
Only leaders can effectively lead a department, a division or a corporation through the journey of change
CRM cannot replace the process of making the sale
Customers buy the application expecting a process, only to learn later that it's an automation tool. No matter how functional the application, salespeople must still manage the application.
Top salespeople may not be best sales managers
The frontline sales manager has the toughest job in all of management. In no other position is accountability measured more by the results produced.
Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Training
An effective, on-going sales training program can provide any company with a sales differential that will leave their competitors in the dust.
The 7 Deadly Sins Of Selling
Increasing sales is not just a matter of raising quotas, adding new products, changing commissions or redefining territories.
Is Selling Today an Art or a Science?
There is a proven, universal science of selling. The art of selling lies in doing the science.
When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Sellers Get Going
I know it's an old cliche, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." However, I think it's really appropriate for today's marketplace.
The Reasons Behind the Sale: The Six Hot Buttons of Selling
Why do people buy what they buy and why do they buy at a particular time? You must keep in mind that people buy for their own reasons, not because of your or your company's reasons.
Team communication is key to increasing sales
Companies must realize the value, and necessity, of team communication throughout the entire organization.
Selling consulting services: Know the buyer's agenda
There are five basic buying decisions that everyone makes when someone tries to sell them something. The decisions almost always occur in the following precise psychological order...
Seven Steps of Selling: The Track Selling System
Having an exact procedure to follow on every sales call can make you more effective and a lot more successful. Knowing exactly what to do without self-doubt or hesitation will also boost your self-confidence during the whole sales process.
3 Strategies for growing during a recession
During the economic free-for-all of the past 12-14 months, many companies consider themselves successful if the "open" sign still glows. But undoubtedly, conditions will improve just as they historically have, and it will be those companies who seize the opportunities inherent in the current conditions, and position themselves for future growth, that will dominate their markets in the future.

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