Articles by Dr. Don Wetmore, President, The Productivity Institute
Now is the time to set your New Year's resolutions. Here are three tips to increase the odds that you will succeed
Holiday Stress Busters
None of us should be denied the joys of the holiday season and so I have put together the following seven suggestions to help you "bust" the holiday stress
The Boss Question
We are all the president and sole stockholder of a major corporation, "Me, Inc.". And, in the context of this discussion, your major customer is your boss. Your boss has a lot of control over your future raises and promotions.
Conquer Telephone Tag
Many people rarely answer a phone when it rings waiting until you have slogged through their voicemail menu, then to play your message and decide whether or not to call you back.
The Big Hole in Your Day
We all have 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. And the thing about time is that it can only be spent, it cannot be saved. And there are only two ways to spend time, spend it wisely, or, well, not so wisely.
A Clean Desk
We all run into people from time to time who work with a messy desk and messy work environment. They have stuff piled up here and there, on the floor, on the shelves, and even on a table behind their desk. And whenever you try to encourage that person to clean up their messy work area, do they get defensive!
Easing E-mail
Last year, the U. S. Post Office delivered more pieces of first class mail than ever and e-mails exceeded the volume of first class mailings. We have created another layer of communicating with one another and an additional responsibility to monitor and manage.
Four Time Management Don'ts for Students
A lot of our Time Management has more to do with what we are not doing rather than what we are doing. Sometimes our mistakes and omissions will keep us from running at a full pace.
A Higher Rate of Return
You want more productivity out of your time in the future? You have to shift the ratio from "expense" to "investment". And, why should we be concerned about the future? Because that's where we will be spending the rest of our lives.
Just Say "No"
I used to put everyone else
Manage Appointments & Scheduled Events
I recommend using one calendar to manage your appointments and scheduled events. The best single calendar you can use is one that gives you an entire month at a glance on one page. I like this approach because it gives me the benefit of context, anticipation and integration.
Meeting Madness
"I can't help you now!", shouted Sarah as she raced past her boss. "I'm going to a meeting!" "Look at all this email from our customers!", exclaimed Alan. "They'll have to wait because I'm going to a meeting!
Multiplying With Networking
We can all mutually benefit from the experiences and knowledge of others. It is not a new practice to any of us. We network all the time. The question is, "how far do you want to go with it?"
Neat Networking
So you want to significantly increase your personal productivity and success in all areas of your life? You can go it alone or enjoy the help of others. Networking is a major Time Management tool helping us to learn from others, getting introductions more easily, and saving precious resources of time and money in the process.
Price of Not Training
I have been asked so many times, "How much does your training cost?" I have learned to reply, "Would free be too much?" Training is not a cost. It's an investment. It really doesn't matter what we pay for an investment. What's relevant is what we get in return.
The Blocks to Employees' Productivity
Many factors, separately and in combination with others, will build walls to block employees
Time Management Facts and Figures
Some interesting facts and figures about Time Management and Personal Productivity for your use and enjoyment.
You Just Might be a Workaholic
Many wonder what it takes to be a workaholic. Now I'm not suggesting that being a workaholic is either a good thing or a bad thing but maybe it's useful to determine if we are.
Time Management Horse Sense
Time management, personal productivity, and success in life are a lot like the horse race metaphor. To get twice as much in life, in any of our many dimensions, health, family, financial, intellectual, professional, social, and spiritual, we do not have to double our effort and input.
Why We Divorce
It is so much like the squirrel, hoarding the nuts in his tree while someone is drilling a hole in the bottom of the tree to steal his bounty, but the squirrel doesn't pay attention to the drilling sound. He is so caught up in doing it the wrong way, he cannot find time to plan how to do it the right way.

Don Wetmore, a college professor and an attorney, is president of The Productivity Institute, ( www.balancetime.com ) and has been in the field of Time Management / Personal Productivity for over twenty years. Reach Don Wetmore by email at: ctsem@msn.com