Articles by Mark Sanford, PhD
7 Easy Ways to Get Referrals
It is said that cold calling is necessary because you never have enough referral leads. This is true.
Dealing with Rejection in Cold Call Selling
Perspectives and understandings that will help in dealing with rejection when cold call selling.
Barriers to Calling and How to Overcome Them
Sometimes we can get stuck making cold calls and don't want to make anymore because making those calls gives us such an uncomfortable feeling in our gut.
Mindsets for Optimizing Calling Rates
Recently, a subscriber to my Newsletters emailed me about a mindset that helps him to make cold calls. When I read it, I immediately identified with his message as a perspective I really like. Here it is: 
Benefits of Moving Beyond Call Avoidance
Many cold callers are not calling enough to generate positive results. It isn't the quality that is the problem; it's the quantity.
Follow Up to Maximize Appointment Setting
Most appointments come from prospects that had been contacted several times over the past weeks, months and years.
Dealing with Voice Mail
Many Telesales professsionals see the glass half empty and view voice mail as a real source of frustration. I see it half full and voicemail as a valuable tool in phone work.
Voice Mail Recommendations from the Pros
A few quick tips for leaving voice mail from Todd Natenberg, author of "I Just Got a Job in Sales! Now What?" 
Proven Techniques for Improving Voice Mail Response
THE LAST WORDS THEY HEAR. Voice mail to be effective must be personal. Psychologists tell us that people remember better when their name is used with an action request.
Getting a Higher Voice Mail Response
My job requires making many cold phone calls to high-level executives, sometimes with very little information on their company's operations. Do you have any phone tricks or voice mail advice that works?
Cold Calling Hell: Strategies for Dealing with Voicemail
Leaving a voicemail message that gets some reply has always been the Holy Grail of telephone work. LeBon recommends identifying yourself and your company and then presenting a "grabber" up-front related to their business.
Putting More of Your "Self" into Your Cold Calls
To disclose more of your inner-self in cold calls is almost always based on a lack of confidence in your own value.
Seven Ways to Improve Your Telemarketing Success
Here are some practical suggestions that will help you make the most of your telemarketing efforts in the coming year.
One Call, Two Objectives?
Get better results when you prospect by separating  prospecting calls from appointment setting calls.
End the Boredom and Frustration of Cold Calling
If you make lots of telephone prospecting calls everyday, then you certainly know the mind numbing boredom and personal despair that can go with a down day of cold calling!
The Buried Crypts of Cold Calling
So what is the lesson of discouragement? Perhaps it is that the suffering it entails cannot be defined away. Unless there is a modicum of rewards, discouragement is almost intolerable. The best remedy is success and that only comes as one rises above discouragement..
Overcoming Call Reluctance
Selling is about compliance seeking, and more and more, this is being done by telephone. Anyone who has done this type of work knows the experience of reluctance to approach strangers.
The "QUAIL" Effect in Telemarketing: Notes on Emotional Labor
Telemarketing has become an 80 billion dollar a year industry in the United States and it shows no signs of decline as a major means for securing orders for goods and services.
What Makes A Great Telemarketer?
As with almost anything, the answer really depends on what you are asking that telemarketer to do.
Why Most People Avoid Cold Calling
Often, procrastinators avoid taking action that would reveal their abilities, skills or intellectual competence. They hide out in other activities rather than cold calling. As William James once said: "With no attempt, there can be no failure; with no failure, there's no humiliation."

Mark Sanford, of Sanford Associates, is a business development coach and trainer with 30+ years of business experience. More free articles and training materials on cold calling. Mark can be reached at 925.253.0646.