Articles by Jill Konrath, President, SellingtoBigCompanies.com
Promiscuous Prospecting
Promiscuous prospecting does NOT work. It never has and it never will. Follow these guidelines to get out of the "More is Better" trap
Creating Sales: The Secret to Finding Hidden, but Ripe Opportunities
Traditional sales wisdom says that focusing on the low-hanging fruit is the fastest way to get business. I beg to disagree.
Passing the "Tell Me More" Test
 Establishing a business relationship with a new prospect is a lot like walking on a balance beam. Every single move you make has consequences.
Are You Creating Your Own Sales Obstacles?
Sometimes you need other people to help you understand where you're making your mistakes.
Presentations of Mass Destruction
Finally! After months of trying, you have an opportunity to make a presentation to decision makers from a company you would love to have as a client. This is your big chance ...
10 Tips to Increase Your Sales
Want to take your business to the next level? If so, take these actions. They're guaranteed to make a difference in your sales results.
Eliminating Objections
Objections are trouble - pure and simple! And anyone who tells you to embrace them because it means you're one step closer to the sale is living in the past.
Using the "Hidden Web" to Research Your Customers
Did you know only 20% of the information on the internet is accessible through Google? That's right, the majority of the info you need to plan a great account entry strategy is on the "hidden web" housed on secure servers.
Are You Asking Provocative Questions?
The other night on TV, I saw an ESPN special on the Football Hall of Fame. Just before the final commercial break, the announcer said something like, "When we get back, you'll have a chance to learn what we asked these Hall-of-Famers."
Enticing Voicemail Messages
Voicemail is a fact of life today. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. And believe me, getting through to decision makers is only going to get worse.

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