Articles by Olin Thompson, Process ERP Partners
The First Call
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. When using the phone, getting to talk to an actual person is more difficult all the time.
Beating the #1 Competitor
Ask almost any sales executive who their number one competitor is and you will get an answer of "NO DECISION".
Sales and Marketing's Number One Mistake
As sales and marketing professionals, our job is communication. Communication means the prospect receiving and understanding the messages we want them to understand.
Vertical Focus - By the Numbers
Of course, every company wants to look at the numbers that count the most, revenue and expenses.  Increasing revenue and decreasing costs are the results of an effective vertical strategy.
Thinking About Expanding Your Market?
New markets are often exciting.  New markets offer an expansion of the business.  With the right planning, investments, and expectations, new markets can be positive for the business.
High Technology Vendors - Avoid Sabotaging Sales With Marketing
Marketing is another critical skill that a company must master to be successful.
Overcoming The Roadblocks To YES
If we understand the true restrainers to getting to yes, we can address them.
Improving Sales and Marketing with the Sales Funnel
Different sales executives define the sales funnel in different ways.  For the purpose of this discussion, allow us to define how we see the sales funnel.
Public Speaking - The Value Equation
Speaking at public forums  gives a person and their company exposure and credibility.  Speaking at public forums has proven to gain more business, through increased awareness of the company and specific subject.
Building an Industry Expert
Why do some companies get more coverage in magazines than others? Why do they get more time in front of the key decision makers?
Public Speaking - The Value Equation
Are you calculating all the factors when you determine the value of a  public speaking opportunity ?
Mail Campaigns, A Sales Tool Too.
Is direct mail a marketing tool? Can it be a sales too? Yes, if it is seen as a highly targeted vehicle and is designed as part of the overall sales campaign. Think about how people see direct mail pieces.
Knowing Your Prospect
Others play a part in all your deals.Your job is to understand who will play a part, what their relative impact on the deal will be and how, where possible, to influence the influencers.
Vertical Marketing
The standard advice to software vendors is
Sales Objections and The Role of Marketing
Objection handling is a key sales skill.  If a prospect has no objections, the prospect either doesn
Knowledge is Power and in Sales it Leads to Trust, Value and Deals.
How do you get a deal? Yes, many factors come into play, but two key factors are trust and value.
The Ten Questions You Dread
Your heart misses a beat. A lump rises in your throat. You were asked one of the Ten Dreaded Questions.

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