Articles by Bernard M. Aller, Managing Partner, CustomerCentric Selling® - Mid Atlantic
The Power of Solution Development
Sales is, to a large extent, nothing more than hurt and rescue Before you can help the buyer create a vision of themselves already in possession of, and using, the capability to achieve a goal that you can provide, some set-up work should be done to make the vision more emotional and vivid.
Improving Forecast Accuracy ... Light At The End Of The 'Funnel'
It's the last week of the month (or perhaps the quarter). Each Sales Rep has cranked up their individual "sunshine pump" and provided their Sales Manager with their best guess as to what sales will close during this period. Taking this information, the Sales Managers feed it into their own industrial strength sunshine pumps, and pass it up to the VP of Sales.

Bernard Aller is the Managing Partner CustomerCentric Selling® - Mid Atlantic. CustomerCentric Selling® provides the Sales and Marketing team with a repeatable, scalable sales process that is designed to align with the way sophisticated organizations buy. He may be contacted at 410-730-4747 or baller@customercentricsystems.com.