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Manufacturers are From Jupiter
Eight Ways to Improve Channel Partner Management
The Quest for Market Dominance
A market dominance strategy, from territory to contact requires focus by the entire sales organization and a set of integrated business planning processes firmly in place.
Death of a Salesman?: Technology & Selling
The business of selling has changed, is changing, and will continue to change. The challenge for today's professional salesperson is more than just to adapt to the new technologies; it is to master them and learn how to leverage them as powerful tools to create new sources of selling advantage.
Death of a Salesman? : Technology & Selling
Why do I need all this Technology?
CRM: Not the Solution ... But Maybe a Part of the Solution?
The old saying says "don't bring me a problem if you haven't got a solution" so lets start with the "CRM problem": It just doesn't seem that CRM (and it's partner Sales Force Automation) has of yet lived up to its promise and expectations.

Tim McMahon is the bestselling author of four books on Sales and Technology including Selling 2000 - The Vision and Promise of CRM and The Sales Management Equation. He is a frequent conference keynote speaker and advises clients around the globe on sales process and technology strategies. McMahon is the founder of SalesConference.Net headquartered in Merrimack, New Hampshire.