Articles by Bob Welch, Principal, Sales Strategies, Inc.
When 1 + 1 < 2: How to Beat the Odds When Merging Sales Organizations
When the deal closes and the merger is completed, the investment bankers, the lawyers, the acquisition personnel all congratulate themselves and move on to the next assignment. Somebody has to run the resultant business. Easier said than done! How do you merge the sales organizations together to create a `win-win' scenario for employees and for customers?
21st Century Collaborative Selling
21st century selling is both dynamic and daunting! Sales reps today interact with sophisticated buyers who increasingly want to purchase standardized, multi-sourced products for low prices. They also demand excellent post-sale support from responsive, stable vendors. If your company can't make the cut, your competitor is waiting in the lobby!

Bob Welch is a successful consultant and keynote speaker who excels in sales organization restructuring, sales and marketing planning, major account management, and streamlining distribution channels. He was formerly a great peddler in NYC, opened international subsidiaries and overseas markets, and moved up to VP sales and marketing positions at several public companies. He has an MBA in Finance from New York University and a BS in Engineering from the University of Massachusetts. Bob is a principal with Sales Strategies, Inc. and may be reached at bob.welch@ssinh.com