Articles by Conrad Elnes, Chairman, STI International
Why Customer Satisfaction Plus?
In the recent past, business was pretty straight forward. Customers requested service; we provided it; they were happy; end of story. Today, that model has changed dramatically. First, good technical and product knowledge are assumed by external customers
Conversational Tools?
Skilled listeners use   the Conversational Circuit to help them give customers appropriate feedback that assures a flowing conversation. The Conversational Circuit illustrates that, when a customer makes a disclosure, it is important to listen and give feedback; then probe for additional information.
Managing Telling Tension
Your ability to manage Telling Tension can have a more positive impact on your career than any other single skill. Telling Tension is the compelling desire to talk. (Memorize this definition.) It occurs whenever someone feels strong emotions; the stronger the emotion, the more compelling the desire to express it.

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