Articles by Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD, American Management Development Group
The Characteristics of a Great Sales Person
Close It Now!
Comebacks for Some Very Common Stalls
Avoiding Very Common Stalls
Concentrate on Outcomes... Not Activities

Creativity Sells
Critical Moments of Truth
A Cure for the Cold Calling Blues
How do you currently approach cold calling? With enthusiasm or total fear?
The Customer's Point of View
Defining the Sales Skills Required to Build Long Term Relationships
Defusing the Angry Customer
Directing the Prospect
Document Your Success
You can tell a prospect what you can do for them, but it has more impact if a customer tells them. You can inform them of the results you can obtain, but it is more powerful if a customer boasts about what you have done to improve their business.
Does This Activity Advance Me Forward?

Don't Slip Up on Follow-Ups
What has been experience with follow-up calls? Why have they worked or why have they failed?
Educating Your Customers

The Electronic Backdoor
E-mail is a first class method to prospect for new business and establish contacts with new prospects. It is a great way to get in the back door and around the gatekeepers. You'll be surprised how many people, who will not return your phone call, will shoot back an immediate reply via email. The key is to use e-mail judiciously.
The Elevator Speech
Every Sales Call Should Tell a Story
How you approach a sales call? Do you have a structured approach or do you tend to wing it as you walk through the prospect
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