Articles by Timothy F. Bednarz, PhD, American Management Development Group
Before the End of the Day...
Selling is a process of moving the sales person forward by setting and meeting specific objectives.
Your Personal Action Plan
Most sales are achieved by thorough planning and preparation.
Would You Buy From Yourself?
Customers meet all types of salespeople, try evaluating yourself  from the customer's perspective.
No Call Reluctance!
Some of the most successful sales people have literally no call reluctance, they understand the mathematics of selling.
Buiding Upon Your Success
Sales is a results oriented game. No other profession is as results oriented. There is no room to relax or slack off. You are judged by one single thing... Results!
How Much Do You Know About Your Competitors?
Sales people think they know their competitors but they should think again.
Why Buyers Develop a Sense a Fear?
How many times do we go through the sales process only to see a sense of fear and reluctance develop in the prospect.
Is Your Competitor the Best Option?
What do you do when you hear from a prospect that they are happy with their existing competitive supplier?
The Ultimate Decision Making Tool
Do You Have an Account Plan?
Most sales people prioritize their prospects and customers into A, B or C accounts. That's the easy part, but how many sales people develop account plans for their major accounts? Fewer than you think.
Are The Perceptions You Are Creating Communicating a Mixed Message?
Assessing the Prospect
Do you take to time to analyze and understand the behavior of the key decision makers or do you tend to ignore these factors altogether?
Avoid Buyer
Avoiding Objections
Beat That Objection
Biggest Sales Mistakes
The Bottom Line Approach
Selling to a Buying Team
What has been your experience in dealing with team decisions? Are they increasing with your customers?
Who are You Selling To?
The Changing Customer Expectations

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