Articles by Randall P. Whatley, President, Cypress Media Group
Important Presentation Pointers: During and After
How does an audience judge a speaker and what can you do about it.
Overcome Your Fears and Become a Great Speaker
You are already a great speaker. You give great presentations every day.
How to Close Internet Sales Leads
Once you have done everything necessary to gain a sales lead from your Web site, you need to close the sale. If you don
Ask a Reporter Questions
Your telephone rings and a news reporter asks you if it would be all right to ask you a few questions. You freeze because you are caught by total surprise. You do not know this reporter. You do not know anything about the angle of the story. You wish you had more time to gather your thoughts.
Media Interview Questions that You Should Ask
Media relations practitioners often make fools of themselves by either begging a reporter for free publicity or trying to cajole a reporter into covering a story. Instead of using these ploys with a reporter, build a relationship with each reporter you speak to by simply asking him/her "How may I help you?"
How Important are Search Engines to your Internet Marketing plan?
The answer to the headline question is both “important" and "unimportant." Search engines are important to your Internet marketing plan because according to a recent study by Georgia Institute of Technology, 85% of all Web site traffic originates from a search engine or directory.
How to Increase your Web Site Traffic with Offline Promotion
Offline promotion is marketing, advertising, or public relations exposure that does not occur on the Internet. This includes traditional advertising like TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail, and billboards, but it can also include non-traditional advertising methods and public relations.
High-Tech Presenting: Benefits and Challenges
Programs like PowerPoint can make a presentation more effective and powerful if they are used correctly. If they are used incorrectly, however, they can detract from an otherwise good presentation.
Types of Presentations
The first step in preparing a presentation is to define the purpose of your presentation.
Fine-tuning your Presentation
Often the hardest part of making a presentation is getting started. Once you begin, adrenaline kicks in, you become excited talking about your topic, and you find that the experience is actually enjoyable.
Presentation Development
Presentations should always be tailored to your audience. Your knowledge of the audience to which you will speak is an important factor in the success of your presentations.
Final Preparations
You've worked hard to develop your presentation. Now it's time to deliver it and you're nervous. Most people who have to speak in public experience "stage fright." The following tips will help you conquer these fears
Ten Ways to Improve Your Proposal Win-Rate
Often only a point or two separates a winning proposal from the second place finisher. You should do everything possible to improve your score.
Proposal Writing Myths and Realities
Many business people avoid new business development that requires written proposals. They believe common myths about the subject that are, in fact, false.

Randall P. Whatley, is a 26-year media veteran with diverse business experience. Whatley is president of Cypress Media Group, Inc. ( www.cypressmedia.net ), an Atlanta-based advertising, public relations, and training firm. He has extensive experience advising government officials, political candidates, public officials, and corporate executives on media relations and presentation skills. He has also written two syndicated newspaper columns and numerous magazine articles. Whatley has hosted his own television and radio program and appeared often as a TV and radio program guest, including a CNN appearance. He has produced hundreds of TV and radio ads and taught a myriad of seminars ranging from Public Relations Writing to Media Relations. He can be reached by e-mail at randy@cypressmedia.net.