Articles by Robert A. Kelly
PR's Big Bang Theory
Lots of theories out there about public relations.
How Public Relations Changes Minds
How the right PR changes perception by doing something positive.
Why Good PR Warrants Your Attention
Good public relations can create desired individual perceptions among key outside audiences and that can help your business achieve it's management objectives.
Why Not Juice-Up Your PR?
Are special events, and press releases in keeping with the challenges you face as a business?
How PR Makes a Manager's Life Easier
PR is more than publicity and like other business departments PR requires a strategy and a plan of action.
Don't Get Caught With Your PR Down !
Why risk the embarassment when with a little basic PR training, you as a business manager can always be ready for battle?
Imagine PR Like This Helping You
As the kids say, how cool is this? As a business executive you decide to do something positive about the behaviors of those important outside audiences of yours - behaviors that MOST affect your operation.
Why PR is an Engine for Economic Growth
Yes, performed in this manner, public relations obviously does feed the engine of any manager's growth and, thus, that of the nation at large.
Managers and PR: One Thing Is Clear
Key steps your company need to take in order change audience perceptions.
Right PR Empowers a Manager
Business managers are in a  stronger position to succeed when they use their public relations resources in a way that alters individual perception leading to changed external stakeholder behavior.
A Great Way to Do PR
If you really want premium public relations results, you must use a broader, more comprehensive and workable public relations blueprint to alter your key, external audience perceptions.
Moving Key Audiences to Take Action
Persuade key stakeholders
A PR Question for Chinese Managers
Do today's Chinese Business Managers view PR/Public Relations through the lens of simple publicity, as many in the west still do?
Small Business Failure? Nuts!
How they perceive you, and what they believe about you and your business, directly affect your chances of success. And that
Power Tool for the 21st Century
We can save a lot of time
Why PR is a Vital Force
Because it can alter individual perception and lead to changed behaviors. Something of profound importance to businesses,  non-profits and associations who can sink or swim on how well they employ this crucial dynamic.
Your Organization: What Role PR?
As a manager, does your current business, non-profit or association public relations effort concern itself primarily with radio and newspaper publicity? Or does it concentrate on a specialty area like financial communications or trade relations? Or, possibly, it deals each day with sales support or government affairs?
Public relation
A Winning Public Relations Game Plan for 2002
Fortunately, public relations will continue to create, change or reinforce public opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-action those people whose behaviors affect the organization. When the behavioral changes become apparent, and meet the program
Managers, Got a Grip on Your PR?
You'll know you have a solid grip on your public relations effort when you avoid communications tactics as a major focus

Bob Kelly, a public relations consultant, was director of public relations for Pepsi-Cola Co.; AGM-Public Relations, Texaco Inc.; VP-Public Relations, Olin Corp.;VP-Public Relations, Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; director of communications, U.S. Department of the Interior, and deputy assistant press secretary, The White House. Contact Bob Kelly by email at bobkelly@TNI.net