Articles by Ed Brodow, CEO, Ed Brodow Seminars, Inc.
The Forgotten Art of Listening
Many sales can be closed and many conflicts can be resolved if we learn how to listen as well as we learn to sell.
From the Stage to the Podium: Acting Techniques for Speakers
Well-known speaker Patricia Fripp attributes much of her success to her acting training. "Actors have to do the same role for months and years," Fripp points out. "How do they stay fresh? That's what we have to learn." Even if you've told your story 500 times, you need to be able to present it each time as if it were the first time.
Negotiating the Price You Deserve
Many salespeople are afraid to stand by their price structure because of a single mistaken assumption: "If I refuse to negotiate my price, I'll lose all my customers." The reality is just the opposite. If you aren't prepared to defend your price, your customers will lose respect for you.
Ten Tips for Successful Negotiating
Why Negotiators Live Longer
People who pay full sticker price on a new car and who believe everything they read in the newspaper or hear on CNN are not likely candidates for Negotiator of the Month. Ironically, neither are they likely candidates for longevity.

Ed Brodow is the author of Negotiate With Confidence and negotiation guru on PBS The Business Channel, and motivational speaker presenting customized keynotes and seminars to corporations and associations. He can be reached at 831-372-7270, ed@brodow.com or www.brodow.com.