Articles by Scott Santucci, CEO, BluePrint Marketing, LLC
Are Your Salespeople Stupid?
Come on, admit it.  It
Uncovering the Value Engine Part 6: Integrate Sales and Marketing to Execute Go-to-Market Strategy
This is the last in a six part series that defines the "value engine", which is the synthesis of over 10 years of research and interviews with hundreds of enterprise technology buyers and sellers.
Achieving Sales Empowerment. Arming your sales people to realize success
In most other industries, sales executives have a lot of empathy with clients. Real estate sales people can relate to the experiences, complexities, and fears of home buying - similarly, insurance executives can do the same for their offerings. However, in our industry, it is almost impossible for a sales person to relate to their customers buying experience.
The Sales and Marketing Divide
A recent study by Harvard University found that up to 80% of all leads generated by marketing programs are never acted upon by sales. While the American Marketing Association suggests that as much as 90% of the collateral marketing creates is never even used by the sales force in the first place.
Understanding the investments made in sales performance
Most organizations are aware that they: can improve their productivity with investments in infrastructure, can always benefit from a sales process and fine tuning their skills, and require up to date information about market trends and competitor actions. However, there are many more factors that must be addressed...
Put Your Money Where The Value Is
Not able to defend budget requests, marketing executives are now faced with doing their daily tasks (brand building, PR, collateral development, etc) with the increased demands of assisting sales ... all with a smaller budget.

Scott Santucci is a leading authority on reducing the business development friction caused by the divide between sales and marketing. His company, Blueprint Marketing ( www.blueprintmarketing.com ), helps companies realize the compounding returns on revenue generation investments that are achieved by harmonizing sales and marketing efforts. Scott can be contacted by e-mail scott.santucci@blueprintmarketing.com and phone (703) 723-5900.