Articles by Joe Guertin, The Streetfighter Sales Coach
Do People Read Your Letters?
Want to send a power letter? One that will stand out? Follow these two basic rules: Be personal, and be brief
The Business of Selling
Plan, Execute, Win!
The best time to get out there and start building new business is...
Emotion vs Logic
The fundamental truth in selling. People buy on emotion, and then back it up with logic
Shopping for Position
Earlier this year, Winn-Dixie filed for bankruptcy. Grocery analysts called it
The Low Down Ultimate Secret to Success in Sales
The ultimate secret to success in sales is, if you
Want More Political Advertising
I'm not against television, but I am tired of "the 30 second sound byte" during political campaigns. Face it, in a lot of markets, T.V. and radio are the media du jur for politicals. Through the first half of the year, one quarter of a billion dollars were spent in he U.S. on political television advertising.
Fire That Customer
His car dealership was my biggest advertiser. He was kind of loud, but spent a lot of money, and wasn't too tough to work with (for me, anyway).
Bustin' Loose in 2004
Are you tired of barely making your numbers" Is "this economy has to improve" keeping you from reaching the goals you deserve" Want to start blowing away your numbers instead" Start with a personal Sales Business Plan. It's going to help bring ideas, hopes and goals into focus and make them visual, manageable and virtually foolproof!
Multi Tasking
Can't You See I'm Busy! So, how's the free time coming along" Not so good" You're not alone. A recent survey of American workers found that most feel under unusual pressure, especially their time.

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