Articles by John P. Hayes, Ph.D.
17 Costly Marketing Mistakes
The sooner you, and all of your employees, realize that your only business is capturing and keeping the right customer, the sooner you'll build a profitable, satisfying business.
19 Unusual Marketing Ideas That You Can Adapt For Your Business
This idea helps build credibility and leads to more sales! On the reverse side of your business cards, print the names and phone numbers of three of your top customers who will give you great references. Give these cards to your prospects and encourage them to contact your customers for references. Get permission from your customers beforehand, of course.
Use This Form to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value
A: Average Value of a Sale Per Customer: Total sales divided by total number of customers provides the answer.
Seven Ways For You To Gain Customer Share!
1. Ask for it. Think of reasons why your customer should use your services more often. Is it for preventative maintenance? Will it lengthen the life of a product or equipment? Does it promote better, more healthful living conditions? Is frequency less expensive?

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