Articles by Chris Nelson, Managing Director, Advanced Marketing Solutions
The Anatomy of Lead Management
Lead Management plays a pivotal role in maximizing the profit impact from marketing programs and reaching financial targets and milestones.
Marketing Magic: Turning Leads into Profits
Five Steps for Improving Customer Retention and Increasing Revenues
Here are five steps to hang on to customers, increase their satisfaction and keep them buying your products and services.
Improving the Profit Impact
Believe it or not, improving profits is commonly overlooked and this is primarily due to compression.
A Roadmap for Building Business and Maximizing ROI
Having a clear understanding of the sales and profit destinations (and changes as they occur) is the most important element in creating a roadmap.
Minimizing Expenses and Maximizing Revenue from Marketing Programs
Minimize your expenses and make the most of what you have by taking smaller, more measured steps. A mix of smaller harvesting and hunting programs, using accurate data sources, will increase your revenue and profit from marketing programs.
How to Harvest Qualified Sales Leads from Marketing Programs
Are you getting the maximum revenue impact from each marketing dollar? Here are seven specific methods for developing more qualified leads.

Chris Nelson is the Managing Director of Advanced Marketing Solutions, a marketing/sales support and lead management firm that implements programs to maximize client revenue and profit impact. For a free consultation to see how your marketing programs could yield a greater ROI, visit www.internetleads.com or call Chris at 508-486-9700.