Articles by Norah Bolton, President, Dynamic Thinking
20 Strategies to Make Your Mind Bloom
"Training for Competitiveness" - "Competencies" "Productivity" - "Certification" - Performance Improvement" these are the buzz words of the business world. They suggest a formal process of learning with measurable outcomes and results.
The Real Challenge in Fostering Creativity
As organizations try to improve their success in the marketplace, the new cry is for creativity. Outdoor adventure, improvised drama, simulations of all kinds, loosening up by flapping your wings like a chicken -- these are new elixir that will somehow let the genie out of the bottle.
How to Grow a Project
The assignment was clear. The client, a major manufacturer, wanted to include a large auditorium within an office complex and open it to community use. Was this a viable concept? Who might use it? What would they be prepared to pay? Could the new facility be a profit centre? And by the way, the report was required in three weeks.

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