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Six Principles for Managers
Learn about the principles that have been utilized throughout time in both the military arena and the business world to build creative strategies and achieve lasting success.
The Shortest Distance
Sun Tzu states that, "He who wishes to snatch an advantage (on the enemy) takes a devious and distant route and makes of it the short way." How different is this approach is from that often used in the West.
Changing Industry Rules
Sun Tzu says that you must continually change how you attack the competition, because if your actions are predictable, your opponent can easily defeat you.
Character-Based Leadership
What do character and strategy have to do with one another? To successfully carry out a strategy that will bring long-term benefit to your company, one must have character. Sun Tzu had this to say about character:
Sun Tzu and the Internet
Regardless of  the size of your company, intelligent use of the Internet can help your company succeed.
The implementation of a creative strategy requires delegation, whether in warfare or business.
Finding Underserved Markets
Avoiding the opponent's strength is a key tenet of Sun Tzu's philosophy.
Is A Competitive Focus Bad?
Smart managers use competitive intelligence to find out where the competition is going and then make plans to avoid their strengths and attack their weaknesses.
Knowing The Competition
Creating a winning strategy depends a lot on competitive intelligence. As Sun Tzu said, "Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril." So what are the hallmarks of a good competitive intelligence capability?
Process Discipline versus Creativity
The "yin and yang" of process discipline versus creativity continues today and they are not always in conflict. There are times when adhering to a set process that limits creativity can be important, yet there are other times when one can actually use a process to "create" creativity.
Sources of Information & Wisdom
A good idea is to periodically review the sources from which you get your "foreknowledge", then eliminating those sources of information that are redundant or no longer useful and replacing them with new sources of intelligence and wisdom.
Strategic Creativity
Creativity is not something that belongs only to a few people who are born with it. John Kao, a well-known author of books on creativity (such as "Jamming") supports this view, stating, "Creativity must go beyond generation of new ideas; it must become an ongoing process."
Strategy Matters: Avoiding Price Wars

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