Articles by Howard Eisenberg, President, Syntrek, Inc.
Become a Creative Breakthrough Thinker: Increase Your Value to Your Organization
The traditional employment contract of lifelong personal job security in exchange for dependable performance and loyalty is now history. So too is the previous corporate security of sustainable market strength based on a track record of quality and brand-name recognition. The past is no longer prologue to the future. Welcome to the new era of constant, rapid, and unpredictable change!
Innovation Management: Working Smarter with the Power of Collaborative Intelligence
Ninety percent of all new products are actually just simple "line extensions" that fail to substantially increase corporate revenues. Consequently, most established large organizations are staggering, while innovative upstarts are thriving...
Reengineering and Dumbsizing: Mismanagement of the Knowledge Resource
To understand the reasons for the radical restructuring process that has recently been occurring in the most modern organizations, people first need to appreciate the underlying transformation of their environment. This is an unusual era of change...

Howard Eisenberg (howard@syntrek.com) is the President of Syntrek