Articles by Gregory P. Smith, President, Chart Your Course International
How to Accelerate Organizational Performance and Improve Job Satisfaction
While the challenges seem endless, one of the biggest issues executives face is how to improve performance as well as keep the workforce engaged
The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Invent It.
My clients expect me to know what is happening in the business world and advise them accordingly
Leaders Energize and Engage the Workforce
We can't merely employ someone's hands and tell them to leave their hearts, minds and spirits at home. Today's workers are looking for many things in an employment relationship.
Managing Personality Conflicts and Negative Attitudes in the Workplace
They're here, there, everywhere. They upset managers and fellow employees - even themselves. If not carefully managed, they can suck the energy out of your business and your personal life.
Assessing Business Talent for Jobs in a Changing Economy
Today thousands of people are looking to replace the jobs they used to hold.
Employee Involvement Programs Drive Performance
Getting employees' ideas and getting their involvement is critical in our rapidly changing world.
Leading Your Workforce During Times of Terrorism
10 Steps Management can use to "TAKE CHARGE" of your employees during these difficult times. It could shape the future of your company.
Beatitudes of Leadership

Becoming the Best Place to Work
Creating and managing a good organization takes an entirely different approach. Indeed, one-third of the executives surveyed by Robert Half International Inc. now say the work environment is the most critical factor in keeping an employee satisfied in today's business world.
Building Trust: A Key Element in Worker Productivity

Cutting Costs and Capturing New Ideas
Management's greatest concern should be, "Who has the best ideas and how can we get them?" How many times have you asked employees for their ideas and suggestions and got nothing more than blank stares and shrugged shoulders?
Don't Hire a Dud!

Employers Use Fun to Fight Turnover

Happy Employees Make Productive Employees

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Today
How to Build Customer Loyalty and Make More Money

How to Delegate & Save Yourself Time
Effective delegation is an important tool that some managers hesitate to use. Here are eight basic guidelines to help you delegate more effectively
How to Manage Generation X Employees

How to Manage Conflict


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