Articles by Marie Warner, President, Warner Sales Architects
The Screening Sales Interview: Finding Winners and Disqualifying 'Also-Rans'
Having trouble hiring sales reps? Your preliminary screening interview techniques can help
Are You Unknowingly Sabotaging Your Sales Hiring Plans?
Recruiting sales talent has become increasingly difficult.Yet many sales managers unknowingly sabotage their own recruiting efforts by making these four common mistakes during the interview process.
What's Wrong with Webinars
This popular yet misguided sales activity is most likely a waste of sales effort, company resources and, worst yet, may ultimately result in a potential opportunity lost forever.
Seven Interview Questions to Find Your Next Sales Star
In a sales behavioral interview, the hiring sales manager asks a series of objective fact-based questions to determine whether the candidate has the necessary skills...
Gaining Access to Key Decision Makers. Cold Calling does work
No sales rep seems to enjoy cold calling - although everyone grudgingly acknowledges the need to dedicate time each week to the critical task.
The Wild, Wild, West of Sales Forecasting
For Vice Presidents of Sales in technology firms, the pressure to hit revenue targets has never been greater.
Avoiding Sales Territory Wars
Surveys of consistent, successful sales performance show that the single most significant factor in a field rep
Include Sales Team in New Product Design and Plans
Absolutely nothing beats the first hand experience of a prospective customer's reaction to a demonstration of your new product, or an existing customer's testimony of how your product helps them do their job.
Selling out of the Technology Slump Don't Get Hit by A Bus
Selling a complex product or service has undergone a fundamental sea change in the past year. How can you and your sales team succeed, sell out of the slump and avoid selling mistakes?

Marie Warner is principal of Warner Sales Architects, LLC and a licensed CustomerCentric Selling