Articles by Peter Boulton, President, Data Perceptions
Choosing the Right Forecasting Methodology
Although there is never the same thing twice, developing and using an understanding of how sales respond to different types and combinations of events is the most effective way of generating a forecast.
Choosing the Right System
You need a good system, forecasters who really understand their markets, and above all, the strongly held determination to put it into practice.
What Makes Markets Difficult to Forecast?
Virtually every manufacturing or service company needs to generate forecasts of their short to medium term sales. Yet within real world markets, many factors conspire to make accurate forecasting difficult to achieve.

Peter Boulton was a full time sales forecaster for 10 years, prior to moving into software design and development. His company, Data Perceptions, specializes in the development of Sales Forecasting, Planning and Budgeting software. Contact Peter at http://www.DataPerceptions.co.uk or email peter@dataperceptions.co.uk