Articles by Susan Friedmann, The Tradeshow Coach
7 Strategies for Handling Last Minute Meetings
Wouldn't it be nice that if and when this daunting situation arose, you were well prepared with all necessary information ready at your fingertips?
10 Strategies for Selecting The Perfect Speaker
Selecting the right speaker for your event is one of the most important, yet daunting elements for creating a successful meeting. Your speaker can often make or break the event.
Using Trade Shows to Investigate Your Competition
Gathered in one convenient location, you should find many, if not most, of your competitors.
How Event Marketers Can Use the Media Effectively
The media has the power to influence your tradeshow efforts whether it be in television, radio or print. Your job is to target your endeavors to create a positive company image.
Marketing Your Shows the 4 C's Way
Customers are getting more and more value conscious. You can fulfill their expectations by constantly "thinking exhibitor" and "thinking attendee." You need to live and breathe for your customers -- they make your job possible. 
The A-Z of Exhibiting Overseas
Exhibiting overseas is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to identify the best foreign markets for your products/services.
Useful Tips for Evaluating Your Meeting Venue Options
No matter how large or small your businesss conference is location is key.
Seven Ways To Put Show Biz Into Your Tradeshow
You are in show biz, and you must create and promote an event that is as exciting and dramatic as a great movie or play. Your exhibition space is your stage. In order to generate interest, you must put on a performance that will keep attendees riveted to your exhibits and eager to come back for the sequel
Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign
There are some key golden rules to making your direct mailings work effectively when promoting your event.
30 Tips for Keeping Meeting Expenses to a Minimum
When it comes to meeting planning, money can probably get you whatever you want. However, few event planners have the luxury of an unlimited budget. Discover 30 tips to keep your meeting expenses at a minimum without losing quality you strive for.
At Your Service: The Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service!
The practice of great customer service should always be as present at trade shows or any business event just like any other sales environment.
The Power of Buzz
How did Hotmail gain over 12 million subscribers in 18 months?  The answer lies in the power of
Determining Visitor Types
As an exhibitor your observation and questioning skills will be your key to determining who may be a viable sales prospect.
Tips for Bringing Your Event to Life
Your job as an event planner doesn't stop with the meeting in the company boardroom. You may be called upon to organize an awards dinner, a product launch, a fundraising event, a holiday celebration...the list goes on and on.
Common Exhibit Marketing Mistakes: Ten Tips on How to Avoid Them
The key to great exhibiting is marketing. But marketing is a very inexact science that leaves room for a multitude of errors to occur.
Exhibiting at $600 a Minute: Making Every Second Count
It has been estimated that major exhibitors' investments total up to $10 per second, all costs included.
Teach Your Exhibitors a Lesson
The purpose of exhibitor education is to raise the level of professionalism on the show floor, enabling exhibitors to build better relationships with their customers, suppliers, and advocates in the marketplace
10 Tips to Use Giveaways Effectively
Walk around any trade show and you will be able to collect a bag full of advertising specialties. But look a little more closely. How many really do an effective job? How clearly do they get a message across?

Susan Friedmann, works with organizations who want to boost their exhibiting results by attracting new business at tradeshows. She designs and implements strategies for show organizers and exhibitors. She can be reached at 518.523.1320, on the web www.thetradeshowcoach.com or by email susan@thetradeshowcoach.com