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10 Fundamentals for Improving Website Performance
If you're involved or in any way responsible for your corporate website chances are you're starting to hear clamor about actually producing results. Long gone are the days when you can put your website up and just be glad that it's there. Your competition is hungry and actively seeking new and innovative ways to beat you and you've sunk too much money in it over the past several years just to be content that it's there and it looks nice enough.
Increase Booth Traffic and Captivate Visitors with Multimedia Presentations
Trade shows and conferences have long been a cornerstone of most marketing programs. Whether you are a manufacturing company, a law firm or a consumer apparel company, the benefits of these events can be enormous. You have the ability to engage strong targets within your market, develop relationships with new buyers, put new product offerings in the spotlight, increase the size of your marketing list and of course help brand your company and its products. One key drawback - every other significant competitor will also be there.

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Greg Marta (gmarta@kurani.com) is the Vice President of Sales for Kurani Multimedia, and specializes in project planning, account management and corporate strategy.

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