Articles by Jeff Kostermans, CEO, LeadGenesys
B2B Lead Grading Best Practices
There is no doubt that a solid lead grading system helps accelerate B2B revenues. It keeps the sales team focused on the best prospects, while helping marketing boost ROI
7 Deadly Sins of the B2B Marketing-to-Sales Lead Handoff
It's truly amazing how many marketers are still trying to optimize the B2B lead handoff within the confines of traditional CRM applications
9 Keys to Evaluating Marketing Automation Solutions
When you add up the total hours that go into the evaluation process of vital technology purchases like marketing automation applications, it's truly amazing that failure rates are still considerably higher than success rates.
How To Improve the Quality and Cost of B2B Leads - Optimizing the Responses
If you've read Part One of this tutorial or already have the foundation in place for a carefully sequenced, multi-touch campaign, you're ready to start capturing leads. But before those elusive prospects come running to beat down your door, be sure you have a plan in place to accelerate the sales cycle. Here are five ways to optimize the capture, management and conversion of those new leads.
How To Improve the Quality and Cost of B2B Leads - Before the Campaign Launches
"I don't care how stretched the marketing budget is or how tough the market is, we need more and better quality leads ASAP!"   Ask any marketer responsible for lead generation whether she or he has heard this from someone in senior management or sales lately and you'll most likely hear an exasperated "Yes, of course".
Real-Time Collaborative Prospecting
A well-orchestrated multi-touch B2B marketing campaign should include outbound telemarketing as part of the plan and ...
8 Keys to Optimizing the B2B Lead-gen Budget
Here are eight keys to boosting B2B lead-generation and optimizing the lead-generation budget.
28 Ways to Optimize Direct Mail Design
Marketing via direct mail has a number of advantages over branding and other less targeted mediums.

Jeff Kostermans is CEO of LeadGenesys ( www.leadgenesys.com ) a B2B direct marketing and lead generation firm, he can be reached directly at jeffk@LeadGenesys.com. He is a direct marketing veteran with over 12 years of experience managing lead generation and relationship marketing programs for companies ranging from technology and service start-ups to Fortune 100 firms. He is author of the Email Marketing Imperatives and has written numerous other best practices papers. A UC Berkeley graduate, Mr. Kostermans also serves as an Army Reserve Psychological Operations Major, consulting allied governments and militaries in target audience analysis and influence methods.