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Just Listen!
Purchasers would be "much more likely" to buy from a salesperson if that salesperson would just "listen" to the customer.
Effective Selling Begins With Information
If you are going to take your performance Up-a-Notch, you must see yourself as a dealer in information as well as a seller of stuff.
Learning from Failure
Within every failure there is the seed of a lesson well learned, of a solid character trait emerging.
Preventing the Price Objection
By changing our behavior, we can impact the customer.  Here are five specific strategies to help you prevent the price objection, by focusing on our behavior.
First Steps to Effective Sales Planning
In order to be effective, salespeople must be focused and thoughtful about everything they do. Activity without forethought and planning is a needless waste of time and energy.
Seven Ways to Build Rapport with Anyone
Rapport, like lubricating oil, reduces the friction and makes the interaction work smoother. For a salesperson, creating rapport with any human being is an essential step
Good Salespeople are Problem Solvers
Yes, good salespeople are good problem solvers. However, they are so much more than just problem solvers.
Protecting Your Good Accounts from the Competition
Use any of these strategies and you will have enhanced your ability to protect your good accounts from the competition.
Think a Lot
There was a time, just a few years ago, when it was easier. You could work hard for awhile, and then you could relax and enjoy the fruits of your labors.
Beliefs That Limit a Salesperson
Your job is not to impose your opinions on the customer's behavior; it is to meet the customer's needs with solutions that fit the customer's situation.
Sales Management Myths: Straight Commission
It's the unfortunate truth that, except for the five percenters of the world, straight commission is not the most desirable compensation strategy.
Why Good Salespeople Often Turn into Mediocre Sales Managers
When they become sales managers, they expect all of their salespeople to be just as hard driving and achievement oriented as they were.
Characteristics of Successful Salespeople
Are successful salespeople made or born? It is the eternal question: the sales manager's version of nature versus nurture.
Are There Best Practices for Salespeople?
One of the most debilitating myths about the sales profession is this: Salespeople can learn on their own, on the job, and eventually become good at their jobs. They'll eventually develop their own style, this myth implies, and that will bring them the maximum results.
Don't Fire All the Salespeople Just Yet!
Should you fire all the salespeople? The temptation is there, and probably growing in strength weekly.
Frustrated with your company's inability to develop new customers? Try a sales blitz.
A sales blitz has the advantage of focusing the entire sales force on a specific task. That alone will bring you far greater results than if you'd just left it to each salesperson to do on their own.
Time Management: An Ounce of Prevention...
The essential challenge of effective time management is to spend more of our time doing those things which bring us the best results, and less of those things that don't bring us results.
Myths of Sales Management: The Entrepreneurial Salesperson
There was a time when this model was effective, but in today's competitive economy, there are serious difficulties with the entrepreneurial model.
Fine in the Past
Are you hindered by formerly effective sales & marketing policies?
It Takes More Than Just Compensation to Unleash a Sales Force!
I have learned that compensation is only one part of the picture. If you really want to revise your sales efforts, you need to attend to other issues as well.
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