Articles by Dave Kahle, The Growth Coach®
Multi-tasking, Focus, and Other Stuff
It is an epidemic that is raging unabated in our economy. It renders people unproductive, and organizations operating at a fraction of their potential.
Fundamentals of Key Account Selling
Almost every professional B2B sales person comes to grips with one of the challenges of penetrating key accounts.
Know How to Overcome Procrastination
If we accept mediocrity in our performance for one day, we will never be able to gain that time back
Plan every sales call
It continues to amaze me that so many sales people shuffle into most of their sales calls with very little, if any, prior planning.
No Response to Emails
The reality is that things have changed dramatically in the past few years, and will continue to change just as dramatically in the next few years.
Is Integrity a Sales Strategy?
I believe it is such good business that sales people should adhere to a no-exceptions policy of maintaining absolute integrity.
Question & Answer for Sales People
This is one that frustrates every sales person. Let's start by putting yourself in the customer's shoes.
The loss of discipline and the incredible opportunity for you
Culture the desire to learn and the discipline to concentrate, and watch as you gradually take over your world
Use an Effective System for Making Appointments
The best sales people have created a system to consistently acquire appointments with prospects, and continually work to improve that system.
What can we learn from the best sales people?
Do great B2B sales people, regardless of what they sell, have any practices in common?
Is There a Right Time for Sales Training?
I wanted to do some sales training last year, but it just wasn't the right time for it.
Questions & Answers About Sales: The Worst Advice
The advice to "be yourself" and "learn exclusively by trial and error" are two of the most pernicious ideas in the world of sales.
First, the Sales Managers
It's the sales managers who have the greatest opportunity to help sales people unleash their potential.
Closing The Sale
Whenever I ask sales people to rate themselves on their competence at all the different parts of the sales process, they invariably rate themselves low at closing the sale.
It's the Risk, Not the Price!
The winners in the competitive selling arena of our difficult economy are those who are the low risk providers, not the low price people.
Gaining an Advantage by Collecting Information About Your Competitors
Knowledge of the competition will provide you with a distinct advantage, and prevent you from getting blindsided or seriously outmaneuvered.
The Secret Strategy for Meaningful Sales Meetings
Every sales meeting, and every item on every sales meeting agenda, ought to be designed to bring about some specific change in the salesperson's behavior.
The Secret Strategy for Meaningful Sales Meetings
Start at the end, with a description of the change in behavior that you want in the sales force, and work backwards from there.
Ideas that restrict sales performance: I have my own style of selling
Occasionally  I'll overhear one salesperson mention this to another -- " I have my own style of selling. "
Good Questions and The Basics of Selling
The best salespeople execute the essentials with excellence. They focus on the quantity and quality of their interactions with their customers.

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