Articles by Gordon G. Andrew, Managing Partner, Highlander Consulting
How To Drive Top-of-Mind Awareness With Prospective Customers

For B2B businesses, making a prospect's "short list" of candidates is a critical step in the sales process. To get there, prospects must remember who you are when they're ready to buy.

Thought Leadership For Sale: Surviving in a Pay-to-Play World
The sale of "thought leadership" -  market visibility with inherent credibility -  is a fact of business life. PR and marketing professionals must learn to manage this pay-to-play reality.
Are You Wasting Money on Publicity?
Is Your Company's Website a Marketing Liability?
A corporate website with outdated content or information gaps can inflict damage to that company's brand.
If I get you on the cover of Forbes Magazine
Media placement is simply a means, not an end. This is a harsh reality for companies paying a hefty monthly fee just for a pile of press clippings
Fighting Online Brand Sabotage 101
Social media websites  have created a new set of challenges (and opportunities) for companies seeking to maintain a positive brand reputation.

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