Articles by Nick Stamoulis, President and Founder, Brick Marketing
Are You Missing Out On Valuable Link Building Opportunities with Online PR?

A lot of companies don’t fully appreciate the link building opportunities that good online press releases and online news coverage can provide for their company.

The Importance of User Intent on Keyword Research
Understanding user intent means getting inside the thought process of your target audience and understanding where they are coming from so you can organize your SEO campaign accordingly
5 Link Building Activities You'd Be Better Off Without and What to Do Instead
Here are 5 link building activities you'd be better off without and some ideas for what you can do instead to actually help your SEO.
How Do You Measure the Success of Your SEO Efforts?
ROI is the magic term for any marketing initiative, including SEO. How do you know if your SEO is working in the first place? And how do you measure how well it's working?
SEO Keyword Research Mistakes
Here are 4 common SEO keyword research mistakes that could end up hurting your SEO.
Bringing Old Content Topics Back to Life

B2B marketers shouldn’t be afraid to take a new spin on an old topic, even if it is one that they have written about before.

5 Things to Remember When Outsourcing Enterprise SEO
Companies that are looking to outsource their enterprise SEO have to remember 5 things during the process if they want their SEO to succeed.
5 Things to Remember When Outsourcing Enterprise SEO

Companies that are looking to outsource their enterprise SEO have to remember 5 things during the process if they want their SEO to succeed.

SEO Can't Do It Alone
Sites that develop multi-faceted campaigns are much more likely to succeed. SEO is only one piece of a strong online marketing campaign.
Although social networking has exploded in popularity, site owners shouldn't be so quick to abandon their websites.
Why Rank Doesn't Matter for SEO
Focusing all your efforts on ranking well means you're pigeonholing your SEO and could end up doing a disservice to your site.
How Inbound Marketing Works
Inbound marketing is a strategy that helps a company get found by customers. SEO, social media marketing and content marketing all work together to position a brand in front of a targeted audience that is actively looking for related information.
Don't Copy the SEO of Your Competition
While understanding your competitors and their SEO can help you better plan your own SEO strategy, blinding copying the activities of your competiton won't get you anywhere.
How a 301 Redirect Can Save Your SEO
When you delete a page from your website, don't let the inbound links pointing towards it go to waste.
Building Your Brand Equity Online
One of the best ways to build your online brand equity is to create, optimize and promote quality content.
Tips for Conducting Keyword Research
Here are a few best practice tips to get the most out of your keyword research, the foundation of any strong SEO campaign.
What is the Value of a Paid Blog Review?
A paid blog review, when used as a promotional vehicle, can provide real value for your product.
Why It is Important to Talk to Your SEO Partner
One of the most important things to do when working with an outside SEO provider is to keep the lines of communication open.
How to Handle Negative Comments on Your Social Networking Profiles
Businesses have to be prepared to take the good with the bad when it comes to social media. Negative comments can do serious damage to a brand if left uncheked.
Spamming Your Social Networks
While incorporating social media into your marketing plan is important, some companies get a little over-zealous and end up spamming their social networks with too many updates.

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