Articles by Richard Ruff, Co-Founder and Principal, Sales Horizons
Winning complex sales - the fundamentals are more critical now than ever!
There are performance fundamentals required for winning the complex sale, ranging from core performance skills like: asking questions and active listening; to competencies like: identifying and qualifying leads. 
Achieving Sales Training Excellence Needs Both the "Dance" and the "Dancer"
What is required for sales training success? Well, it's important to get the framing right - having a "great dance and a great dancer."
Business-to-Business Selling
Selling is a complex discipline involving many kinds of activities.
Crafting Your Value Proposition
Quantifying your value proposition requires creating and communicating a clear, compelling picture of how your solution will drive your customer's business results.
Slaying Three Sales Coaching Myths
Successful sales people - and sales management - know coaching is worthwhile, it can make a difference, and it should be a priority.
Physicians Share Some Ways for Sales Reps to Build Credibility

When asked what their top concerns are about selling medical devices, interacting one-on-one with physicians usually tops the list.

Five Keys to Successful Sales Presentations
If you're not in the business of selling, then good is probably good enough when setting a standard for presentations.
Medical Device Sales Reps Must be a Competitive Advantage
Underlying successful selling are medical device sales people who acknowledge the strategic importance of selling value.

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